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Designed to give you maximum peace of mind, our signature service goes above and beyond to ensure that the powerful potential of the stem cells in your child’s teeth are preserved and will be available whenever and for whatever reason they are needed.

The Store-A-Tooth Solution costs $1,749. Storage is an additional $120 per year. You have the option to save 25% on storage by pre-paying 20 years of storage in advance.

Store-A-Tooth also offers other service and payment options to fit your budget. For example, our “original state” service is available for $849, which may be paid with a 12-month payment plan of $77 per month (plus storage).

Need-based grants are available as well.

Please call us to discuss which service is right for you.

The Store-A-Tooth Solution
check mark Sample inspected upon arrival
check mark Sample decontaminated
check mark Soft tissue harvested
check mark Portion of sample preserved in original state in single vial
check mark Cells harvested from the remainder of the sample and grown in culture in multiple vials
check mark Flow cytometry helps confirm the presence of stem cells, the total cell count and the cell viability percentage
check mark Vials cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen vapor-phase freezer at minus 150° Celsius (minus 238° Fahrenheit)
check mark Final report issued

Our Store-A-Tooth Solution service incorporates two distinct components designed to maximize the value of your child’s stem cells.
Component One: Original State Preservation

A portion of the tooth sample is processed minimally prior to freezing.

This gives you the advantage of conserving the tissue in a state as close as possible to the moment the tooth came out.

Maintaining the tissue in its original state gives your child the maximum opportunity to use their stem cells with any future technologies which may require different cell manipulation than the methods used today.

Component Two: Cultured Cell Preservation

Prior to freezing, stem cells are extracted from the dental pulp and grown in culture in multiple storage vials.

This increases the amount of stem cells stored, affirms that any contamination was dealt with successfully, and also provides enough tissue to test and confirm exactly what is in the samples we are banking for you.

The multiple storage vials resulting from the process increase the future potential for use.

Once the cell culturing process is complete, you will receive a detailed report so you can be confident that a high volume of viable dental stem cells were recovered for storage.

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Biobanking Accreditations