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Store-A-Tooth provides the highest quality dental stem cell banking service available, and the only valid technology for banking stem cells from baby teeth...

For baby teeth, Store-A-Tooth's unique Cell Culture+ Service is the only technology that can confirm the presence of stem cells prior to banking.

  • Baby teeth contain an incredible gift - powerful and very potent stem cells that can be preserved for a lifetime of possible use.
  • However, they arrive in a very small package – the tiny bit of dental pulp inside these tiny teeth.
  • By definition, there is only one way to confirm that the small amount of pulp inside these baby teeth contain viable and functioning stem cells…. they must grow like stem cells.
  • At Store-A-Tooth, we take the pulp, isolate the cells, and grow them in a validated cell culture process. If the cells grow, we then test them using sophisticated cell marker testing to ensure a suitable volume of the cells have the appropriate defining stem cell markers.
  • Here is the catch:

  • To do the above, we must follow very rigorous guidelines set forth by the FDA – called cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). These guidelines ensure this processing of the sample does not affect/prevent the cells from being used in the future as a component to a manufactured cell therapy. These guidelines are very strict and they are put in place to protect the integrity of the future therapy.
  • Store-A-Tooth operates the only dental stem cell facility that meets these rigorous FDA cGMP requirements.

  • For wisdom teeth, or teeth removed for orthodontia...

    For other teeth that contain a higher volume of pulp - such as wisdom teeth or teeth extracted for orthodontia purposes, Store-A-Tooth offers both its Cell Culture+ option as well as a more basic service where the pulp is preserved as pulp – called The Store-A-Tooth “Whole Tissue” service.

    Making it Affordable for Families

    • Our goal at Store-A-Tooth is to make stem cell banking as affordable as possible, so that millions of children can grow up with access to their own, young, healthy stem cells. To that end, we offer a variety of programs to meet a variety of budgets and needs.
    • Store-A-Tooth services are generally less expensive than similar technologies such as umbilical cord blood banking.
    • We offer multiple interest free payment plan options with payments as little as $25/month, discounts for pre-payment on processing and storage, and multiple discounts for families.
    • Still have a few years before your child’s teeth will be ready to bank? Join Store-A-Tooth’s Family Membership Plan and receive rewards for saving in advance.

To determine which service is right for you and your family and discuss pricing options, call us at 855-444-2280 to speak with a highly trained Store-A-Tooth Client Educator.

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Biobanking Accreditations