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Baby Tooth Pricing

Cultured Cell Service: $1,500 Processing Fee + Storage

Stem cells age with the rest of our body and lose their potency or effectiveness over time. Banking baby teeth while the stem cells are still in a youthful state ensures your family will have access to their ability to efficiently regenerate tissue and repair the body in the future.

The best teeth for stem cell banking are baby teeth and especially the early/front teeth.

  • Baby teeth are younger and younger stem cells are better.
  • Since not every child has wisdom teeth removed, banking baby teeth is the only way to ensure you can bank healthy and young dental stem cells.
  • The first baby teeth to come out (the front teeth) are more likely to result in bankable stem cells because they have more pulp than other baby teeth.

Stem cells are taken from the dental pulp and expanded in culture. Expansion allows for:

  • Confirmation that the cells can grow.
  • Stem cell marker testing that requires a large enough volume of cells for an adequate test.
  • Suitable amount of stem cells for cryopreservation.

Extracted Teeth Pricing

Are you banking extracted teeth (such as a wisdom teeth or teeth removed for braces)? These teeth are different in terms of the nature and volume of the available tissue, as a result, we offer two options:

Whole Tissue Service: $850 + Storage

Due to the high amount of pulp typically found in extracted teeth – banking the pulp without culturing the stem cells is a less expensive option.

There are some benefits, other than just lower price, of banking pulp tissue without culturing the stem cells. There is the possibility that some unknown type of cell may be discovered in the future that can only be processed from the original tissue. Although this is only theoretically possible.

Cultured+ Service: $1,750 + Storage

Culturing the stem cells is the only way to know for sure that there are stem cells present prior to freezing your sample. As an added benefit, if there is enough pulp present, a separate sample will be kept for you in its whole tissue state.

Storage Options

  • $150: 1 Year of Storage (Recurs Annually)
  • $360: 3 Years of Storage (Save $90)
  • $550: 5 Years of Storage (Save $200)
  • $1,000: 10 Years of Storage (Save $500)
  • $1,800: 20 Years of Storage (Save $1,200)
  • $4,000: 50 Years of Storage (Save $3,500)
  • $6,000: Lifetime Storage (Save $9,000)

Discounts and Payment Plans

  • Qualified customers may be eligible to take advantage of flexible financing arrangements for Store-A-Tooth processing fees. For example, many of our Store-A-Tooth customers choose to finance over 30 months and pay as little as $36 per month.
  • Planning to bank for more than one child? Ask us about our Additional Family Member Discount and save up to 20%.
  • Still have a few years before your child’s teeth will be ready to bank? Join Store-A-Tooth’s Family Membership Plan for as little as $20/month and receive a 15% bonus on top of your accrued balance when you’re ready to enroll!

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Biobanking Accreditations
Biobanking Accreditations